GuideForce Brand Messaging and Positioning

Brand Development

GuideForce OnPoint

Getting your brand message just right is vital to your success. With all the noise in the market place today, only the most compelling messages will win. Make sure your messages are perfectly OnPoint. Be 100% confident and leave nothing to chance. Your customers will be knocking down your door.

Use our messaging and positioning framework to do the work for you and create:

High-impact compelling reasons to buy.

Meaningful customer engagement.

Connections with the right clients.

You will get:

Value statements that address the primary client issues and desired outcomes.

A brand positioning and messaging framework that does the work for you.

A competitive review that will ensure your company stands out.

Audience profiles that define the right messages at the right time.

Cross-functional alignment so everyone works toward the same goals.

Continue your growth

Take your highly targeted messaging and continue your path to growth with social media, content, partner programs and more. 

GuideForce Influence Social Media Strategy

Social + Digital

GuideForce Influence

In a digital, mobile-first world, business is still about relationships. Develop successful digital relationships that create business relationships. Don’t just do social. Do it right. Use the right platforms to reach your audience. Stop begging for business. Get customers calling you first.

Get digital, mobile and social working for you. Our approach delivers:

Engagement with the right influencers.

Opportunities to join conversations that will drive sales.

Impact in the right places at the right time.

You will get:

Clear on the platforms to use, why and how to use each effectively.

Guidelines for the messages and keywords that will position your company for growth.

Recommendations on who to follow, share and why.

A plan for how to reach your audiences and effectively develop opportunities.

A dashboard format to measure progress against goals.

Get support executing your social plan.

Ongoing GuideForce Influence programs are available on monthly, quarterly or six-month plans.

GuideForce Fire Up Marketing Plan Development

Marketing Plan

GuideForce FireUp

Stop wasting time, money and resources on bad leads. Get a marketing strategy that attracts the best customers for your business. Get noticed in the right places and invest your limited resources at the right time to grow your business faster.

Benefit from our proven approaches to creating marketing plans that:

Engage prospects with the highest propensity to become customers.

Grow your business faster.

Help you gain a foothold and earn market share.

You will get:

Guidelines for choosing strategies and tactics.

A situation analysis and market research to drive the direction of your plan.

A 12-month adaptable plan road map and two segment-specific strategies.

Audience aligned marketing mix recommendations.

A dashboard format to measure progress against goals

Execute your plan.

We help you implement your marketing strategy. Use our ongoing GuideForce FireUp marketing support in monthly, quarterly or six-month programs to make growth happen.

GuideForce Accelerate Press Analyst Relations Speaking Awards

Promote Your Brand

GuideForce Accelerate

Standing out isn’t easy, but that is exactly what you need to do. Promote your company with initiatives that will increase your credibility, drive increased awareness and enhance your brand – Not to mention, drive more opportunities. Get the right press coverage, speak at the right events and earn the right awards to propel your business forward.

We support your efforts to stand out in meaningful ways by:

Positioning your company as an industry leader.

Getting press coverage, awards and speaking opportunities that will drive sales.

Getting high-impact, thought-leadership positioning where it counts.

You will get:

Identification of targeted outlets and programs to deliver the best results.

Guidelines for landing the best opportunities.

Recommendations for winning promotional positioning.

Accelerate your growth

Ongoing GuideForce Accelerate programs are available on monthly, quarterly or six-month plans.

GuideForce OnPoint Branding Strategy Development

Partner Marketing

GuideForce Partner Advance

A partner network is the best way to expand your business exponentially. You must continually add partnerships to your network. Plus, find and create channel relationships that will drive more revenue. Make every partnership count and help expand your business in the process.

We help you grow your business with partners by ensuring your program will:

Engage and sign on more partnerships faster.

Get a buying-process-focused approach that drives results.

Remove roadblocks to creating a successful ecosystem.

You will get:

A channel development strategy.

A messaging framework that gets partners selling fast.

A clear plan for expanding partnerships and your network.

Build your partnership network by executing the plan

Ongoing GuideForce Partner Advance programs are available on monthly, quarterly or six-month plans.

GuideForce Executive Spotlight

Leader Spotlight

GuideForce Leader Spotlight

Your people are central to your business success. Highlight executive insights and thought-leadership with a GuideForce Leader Spotlight. Share interesting industry trends, upcoming technologies and demonstrate the impact your company is making – All designed to position your company for growth.

Our unique approach to highlighting your company leaders deliver results by:

Telling your story in a unique forum.

Demonstrating your thought-leadership.

Developing an original, customized article, social media campaign and video package.

You will get:

800-1500 word custom story.

Social media campaign.

Video to promote story and enhance engagement results.

Sharing options and amplification.

Demonstrate your leadership

Highlight multiple thought-leaders in your organization or create an ongoing dialog with your audience. Ask about our GuideForce Leader Spotlight program.

GuideForce Fuse Spark Launch Marketing

Launch Marketing

GuideForce Fuse + Spark

Launching a new product, service or an entirely new company isn’t easy. Let us help you get to market faster so you can take advantage of your window of opportunity. Start off on the right foot with an outstanding launch. It is crucial to have early successful deployments.

Use our experience and proven process to:

Build excitement and engagement.

Drive immediate opportunities.

Deliver business results and create early stage momentum.

You will get:

Pre-launch strategies and tactics to use for the best results.

A market, competitive and situation analysis so you know your messages are just right.

Launch and post-launch guidelines so your entire team is on message and all your efforts deliver results.

Specific results-oriented recommendations you can execute to drive sales opportunities.

Continue your growth

Take your successful GuideForce Fuse + Spark launch and continue the momentum with ongoing social, content partner programs and more. Learn more about our ongoing services.

GuideForce Publish Services

Content Marketing

GuideForce Publish

There’s too much noise. Knowing what articles to write or videos to produce can be overwhelming, not to mention, time consuming. Create the right content that will help your customers navigate their way to a purchase. It’s imperative for your growth.

Win more customers with our content marketing services that will help you:

Deliver the right stories at the right time.

Create reasons for your clients to act sooner.

Drive more opportunities with meaningful client communications.

You will get:

A defined publishing strategy.

Mapping for each stage in the buying process.

Recommendations for a storyline approach that drives sales.

Execute your publishing strategy

Ongoing GuideForce Publish programs are available on monthly, quarterly or six-month plans

GuideForce On Demand Marketing Consulting Coaching

CMO On Demand

GuideForce OnDemand

Our customized services mean you get the support you need only when you need it. Leverage OnDemand Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) expertise. Create a single blog post, press release, video, infographic, campaign, social media program, speech, award submission, research project, case study etc.

Our OnDemand customized services provide:

C-level guidance and support without the overhead.

A quick way to get a project completed.

Scale your ability to deliver great marketing.

You will get:

Flexible marketing services delivered OnDemand.

Dependent upon project type.

Contact us and tell us about your project.

Get your CMO On Demand

GuideForce OnDemand provides temporary or ongoing c-level marketing support on monthly, quarterly or six-month plans.