Truly Inspired – My Top 10 Sources

Here’s What Inspired Me This Year.

There are some things that inspire you to do more, to grow and to focus on life’s most important things. This year I’ve had so many sources of inspiration. I’ve managed to narrow it down to a top 10 to share. What were you inspired by this year? Watch for more inspirations – #InspiredSaturday.

How I Built This

I love listening to stories of how people started their companies. The “How I Built This” podcast series from NPR hosted by Guy Raz is a great way to get inspired by people that have built amazing organizations. One of my favorites is the story of Bob’s Red Mill. It’s definitely worth a listen.

Twitter: @GuyRaz

LinkedIn: | @How I Built This

Hack the Entrepreneur

Another terrific podcast series about people that have created successful businesses. Jon Nastor hosts “Hack the Entrepreneur” featuring entrepreneurs that share the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly of entrepreneurship. He also wrote a book bearing the same name that I purchased, but he is now offering for free on his site. A fun, quick and inspiring read for anyone dreaming of starting something.

Twitter:  @JonNastor

LinkedIn: @Jon Nastor

eMyth Revisited

Michael Gerber’s “eMyth Revisited” is great for inspiring you to think bigger and essentially encouraging you to realize there’s no alternative but to grow.

Twitter:  @MichaelEGerber

LinkedIn:  @Michael E Gerber

Iris Scott

Iris has actually been inspiring me for a couple of years now. Her beautiful oil paintings painted with her fingers and not brushes are bright and cheerful. Yet, even more inspiring is that she has shared her techniques in a book. Through her work and easy-to-follow instruction I have been finger painting for about a year now. My art is rudimentary, but the process is a great source of enjoyment. It’s fun, tactile and a great escape.

Twitter:  @fingerpaintings

LinkedIn:  @Iris Scott

Tea Experience

There’s nothing like a great cup, or perhaps a full pot, of amazing loose-leaf tea. There’s a great little shop in Issaquah Washington, owned and run by Roberta Fuhr. She’s a bank executive turned entrepreneur. She is incredibly knowledgeable about tea and loves sharing everything there is worth knowing about tea.

Twitter: @ExperienceTea

LinkedIn: @Roberta Fuhr

Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy (WAAA)

WAAA a non-profit focused on ensuring children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities the opportunity to thrive and become productive members of society. The work WAAA does is inspiring because I have a specific interest in developing a platform for entrepreneurship and apprenticeships for adults and teens with ASDs.

Twitter:  @Autism_Warrior

LinkedIn:  @Arzu Forough

Elijah Winfrey – Team Winfrey

Elijah Winfrey and his non-profit organization, Team Winfrey, work to raise awareness for autism spectrum disorders, the homeless, and underprivileged youth. His positive influence, active engagement within the community and regular radio blog show are an inspiration.

Twitter: @Eli_Winfrey

LinkedIn:  @Elijah Winfrey

Jessica Hardin Florals

Jessica started her Utah-based floral arrangement and photography business in 2018. Her work is not only beautiful, but her transparent style in sharing her business story is inspiring. Check out her beautiful website, Etsy page and Instagram posts.

Instagram: jessicahardinflorals


Etsy: JessicaHardinFlorals


Getting outside everyday is not only healthy, it is reinvigorating. No day is complete without getting outside in nature.

One of my favorite inspiring places in nature is Andy’s Marine Park on Anderson Island. The sunsets here are often phenomenal.

Those Gritty Scrappy People that Never Give Up

An example is a student I know that started out the school year with two failing grades and a feeling that no matter how hard he tried, it wouldn’t help improve his grades. Yet, he had grit and determination even in the face of what seemed to be inevitably bad grades. He ended the first semester with all passing grades. How many people can keep plowing ahead even when it seems hopeless? That is true grit. And, the ultimate inspiration.

What inspires you? What are your go-to sources of inspiration? #InspiredSaturday.

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